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DAF CF Euro 6

All-round trucks for every application.

Regional, national or international transport, flat asphalt or bumpy terrain: the DAF CF copes with it all. It comes as a box truck or a tractor unit with two, three or four axles. Its multi-purpose chassis is built to meet the demands of intensive use. It performs exceptionally well in all applications: from bulk or tanker transport to heavy-duty construction, from household waste collection to regular distribution.

DAF Configurator

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Wide choice
of engines.

The all-new DAF CF Euro 6 has efficient drivelines with a wide choice of sophisticated PACCAR engines (PX-7, MX-11 and MX-13) with engine outputs ranging from 164 kW (220 hp) to 375 kW (510 hp). This extensive range of engines clearly illustrates the versatility of the CF range with a perfect driveline for every application.

driving comfort.

Such a wide range of transport applications also calls for a variety of cab options. The CF is available with day cab, sleeper cab or the very roomy Space Cab with an interior height of 2.23 metres. All cabs combine compact external dimensions with surprisingly spacious interiors, easy entry, excellent visibility and sophisticated ergonomics.

High payload capacity for all applications.

The CF has compact external dimensions for optimal manoeuvrability. Its low tare weight for high payload capacities, solid design, powerful engines and an extensive choice of chassis and axle configurations make the CF suitable for many applications. As CF class vehicles are used for a wide variety of tasks, there is high demand for PTOs.  For example, you can mount a refrigerated truck, a tipper truck or the drive unit for a crane onto your CF. Customized CFs offer a wide range of PTO options.

Watch the video

Discover the DAF CF EURO 6 (MY2017) truck in this video.


Want to know more about the DAF CF EURO (MY2017)?

Extra info

New design.

Its stylish design makes the new DAF CF easy on the eye – a real showpiece for your business.

Fully customized.

The CF is a versatile truck with plenty of cab customization options to suit your needs.

Efficiency that works.

Fuel savings of up to 7% with the new CF engine mean tangibly lower costs and reduced environmental emissions.

Put your own chassis together.

Explore an unprecedented range of different chassis configurations. A hook-lift system, an open loading platform or a closed body? Nothing is too much for this CF.

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