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DAF New Generation Electric XD / XF

Be ready for the electric future with the new generation XD and XF Electric.

There’s no getting away from it – the future is electric. Sooner or later, transport emissions in urban environments will have to be eliminated, and you need to be ready. The brand-new XD and XF come with fully electric PACCAR e-drivelines. And you don’t need to worry about loss of power: these trucks are rigorously tested and feature efficient charging systems, robust electric motors and an extensive range.

DAF Configurator

Configure your cab, color, exterior, powertrain, chassis and more with the 3D DAF Truck Configurator.

State-of-the-art electric motors.

This new generation of trucks is powered by the efficient and reliable PACCAR EX-D1 and PACCAR EX-D2 permanent magnet electric motors, which deliver outputs from 170 kW/230 hp right up to 350 kW/480 hp. To customize these e-trucks fully to your needs, you can choose from a complete range of battery packs with two to five banks. This provides a ‘zero emissions range’ of more than 500 kilometres on a single battery charge. With optimal charge planning, these trucks could actually travel up to 1,000 kilometres a day entirely on electric power.

Fast DC charging as standard, AC charging optional.

The XD Electric and XF Electric can be quickly recharged with outputs of up to 325 kW, allowing three-bank battery packs to be charged from zero to 80% of their capacity in just over 45 minutes. Even the largest batteries can be fully charged from zero to 100% in less than two hours.

An onboard charger capable of AC charging up to 22 kW is available if desired, for even greater flexibility and longer uptime.

Professional guidance for your transition to electric driving.

TH Group will support you with tailored sales advice based on the latest route simulation models for a smooth transition to zero-emission e-trucks. A complete range of premium PACCAR chargers allows us to offer comprehensive operational support.

Want even more flexibility? Fixed charging solutions offer power outputs of 50 kW (standard AC) and 350 kW (fast DC charging), but with mobile chargers you can enjoy an even greater range.


Want to know more about the New Generation DAF XD and XC Electric?

Adaptable and superstructure-friendly.

Thanks to the flexible, modular battery packs on the chassis, these e-trucks can be tailored to any conceivable application. For example, this can help ensure that space is always available for side loading and crane leg movement. A 650 V e-PTO lets you power auxiliary equipment (such as an electric cooling system or an electro-hydraulic crane) without a separate generator.

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