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The perfect partner for urban distribution.

The DAF LF Series is the perfect partner for urban and regional distribution tasks: it is agile in busy urban traffic, thanks to its small turning circle and excellent manoeuvrability, and offers easy entry and exit and low tare weights for the highest payload capacities in its class. With its modern styling, the LF Series is also a genuine showpiece for any business. Finally, this truck is not only perfect for urban and regional use, but also has the ideal qualities for long-haul transport.

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The optimal combination of power and efficiency.

The LF Series for Euro 6 comes with the new four- or six-cylinder PACCAR PX engines with a wide choice of engine ratings, gearboxes and rear axle ratios. This wide range means you can find the right driveline for every application. In every case, the new Euro 6 drivelines guarantee power and efficiency. New additions in this generation of engines are the nine-speed manual gearbox and the new SR 1339 rear axle for heavy-duty applications.

Wide range of applications.

There’s a tailor-made LF for every application: the LF comes as a two-axle box truck, a tractor unit and a three-axle box truck with a steered trailing axle, not to mention the whole range of available wheelbases. The chassis layout and component placement have been optimized to keep the tare weight as low as possible and to ensure plenty of space on the chassis. For example, you can mount a refrigerated body, a tipper truck or the drive unit for a crane onto your LF, with a wide range of PTO options underlining the truck’s customizability.

First-class design and driver experience

The truck’s stunning design lends the LF a powerful yet accessible appearance. A genuine showpiece for your business.

From the moment they step into the cab, drivers can enjoy superb comfort, outstanding user-friendliness and proven safety.

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Discover the DAF LF EURO 6 (MY2017) truck in this video.


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Extra info

Optimized driveline.

Thanks to LF’s unique range of engines, gearboxes and rear axle ratios, you’ll always have the best possible truck for your tasks.

A robust, versatile chassis.

The LF has the ideal base to build on, with a modern, powerful and lightweight chassis that makes it sturdy and flexible.

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