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DAF New Generation XDC / XFC

Perfect for the roughest and most challenging jobs.

Work in the toughest conditions with the brand-new XDC and XFC. These models are specifically designed for the needs of the construction sector. Their sturdy design and brand-new functions let you get straight to work on the most challenging jobs.

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Your ideal choice for construction jobs.

The XDC and XFC are specifically designed for off-road and construction applications. They feature a three-part steel bumper, radiator guard, integrated fog lights and increased ground clearance.

Flexible in every application.

The three-part steel bumper is available for all vehicle configurations, optionally in body colour, allowing you to optimize your vehicle for irregular locations with high kerbs and other obstacles.


The XDC and XFC trucks are available with a wide range of powerful PTOs for engines, gearboxes and flywheels. The layout of chassis components (e.g. EAS, battery container, AdBlue® and fuel tanks) is fully customizable for even greater efficiency.


Cabin lenght:2.690 mm
Headroom:2.025 – 2.075 mm
Cabin volume:11.85 m³

Concrete mixer

These new XDC and XFC trucks combine lightweight vehicle chassis with sturdy cab structures, ensuring high payload capacity and maximum uptime in any environment. Optimized drivelines make for a pleasant driving experience, even on rough terrain.

  • Unprecedented traction on uneven terrain
  • Low chassis weight for high payload capacity
  • Sturdy three-part steel bumper


The new XCD and XFC are perfect choices for the most demanding jobs on challenging terrain thanks to their extremely sturdy chassis, three-piece bumper and powerful drivelines that are suitable for tipper systems.

  • Extremely sturdy and reliable
  • Excellent off-road capability

Hook-lift system

With a hook-lift system, these new XDCs and XFCs feature a sturdy chassis and a robust three-part bumper. The powerful drivelines ensure maximum uptime in every situation.

  • Strong and stable chassis
  • Top-class off-road properties

An open flatbed trailer with crane

The new XDC and XFC are ideal for delivering construction materials to challenging locations. These trucks are easy to manoeuvre thanks to their sturdy chassis for higher payload capacities. The multi-purpose crane can be installed entirely as desired, behind the cab or at the rear of the chassis.

  • Available with a 10-ton front axle
  • Extremely small turning circle

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