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DAF New Generation XF

The truck
of the future.

The new DAF XF sets a fresh standard for long-haul and international transport. With its ultra-efficient fuel consumption, very low carbon emissions, a roomier cab and exceptional aerodynamics, this model has set a whole new industry standard. Another priority is safety, with the all-new curved windscreen significantly increasing the driver’s field of vision. What’s more, with just one annual maintenance service, your maintenance costs are kept under control.

DAF Virtual Experience

Experience the new generation of DAF trucks, take a virtual test drive and discover many more activities in the DAF Virtual Experience!

Development criteria.

The latest EU rules and directives focus on vehicle efficiency, safety and driver comfort – and DAF takes this responsibility seriously as an international truck manufacturer. The New Generation DAF trucks were designed entirely with these new regulations in mind. Revolutionary aerodynamics, efficient drivelines, improved driver comfort and low vehicle weights: with all these improvements, you can count on fuel savings of up to 10%.


Rigorously and scientifically tested design that reduces drag by 19%, resulting in lower fuel consumption.

  • Extended cab front
  • Seamless and sleek design
  • Curved windscreen
  • DAF Digital Vision System
  • Fenders shaped for perfect fit
  • Streamlined undertray
  • Aero seals
  • Optimal airflow in the engine compartment
  • Aero seals
  • Optimale luchtstroom in het motorcompartiment


This truck’s enhanced visibility, sturdier design and smart functions make it significantly safer for drivers and other road users.

  • Large windscreen
  • Redesigned side mirrors
  • Improved digital mirrors for indirect vision
  • Direct view at pedestrian level
  • DAF Corner View

driver comfort

Exceptional luxury for the driver – from driveline to suspension, and with an interior that offers improved comfort in both sitting and lying positions.

  • Easy entry and exit
  • Roomy interior
  • Extensive adjustability
  • Swivel chairs
  • Kerb view window
  • Improved air conditioning

Watch the video

Discover the new generation of DAF trucks in this video.


Cabin length:2.360 mm
Headroom:1.900 – 2.075 mm
Cabin volume:9,73 m³

DAF Configurator

Configure your cab, color, exterior, powertrain, chassis and more with the 3D DAF Truck Configurator.

Ready for
tomorrow’s world.

We live in a world where stricter climate ambitions and increased road safety have become priorities. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to attract (and retain) highly trained, professional drivers.

DAF’s response is this new generation of trucks that raises the bar for safety, comfort, efficiency and adaptability. These vehicles are ready for future drivelines such as e-motors, plug-in hybrids, fuel cells and hydrogen combustion engines. The cutting-edge diesel engines are highly fuel-efficient and perfectly designed for the latest generations of biofuels and renewable e-fuels, allowing a reduction in carbon emissions. Take these trucks out on the road to experience an unparalleled level of driving comfort.

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