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GRANALU Moving Floor

Custom-designed trailers with moving floors for efficient bulk transport.

GRANALU’s Moving floors range is divided into two different types, with volumes up to 94 m³.


Versatile trailers for transport of bulk cargo, sawdust, splinter, fertilizer, coal, wood, cereal, and more.

  • Multipurpose vehicle for transporting bulk cargoes, sawdust, chips, fertilizers, coal, wood, cereal, palletized loads, and more.
  • Straight chassis or gooseneck.
  • Aluminum profile structure.

U.S.W. (Urban Solid Waste)

Trailers especially designed for the safe transportation of solid urban waste.

  • Designed for the transport of solid urban waste. Guaranteed spill-free and safe transport thanks to its tightness and the collection of leachates.
  • Gooseneck chassis.
  • Aluminum profile structure.


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