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KÖGEL Tarpaulin trailers

Whatever type of transport you need, Kögel’s sliding tarpaulin trailers can provide a solution for you.

Curtainsiders, sliding curtains, sliding tarpaulins or tautliners – no matter what you call them, sliding tarpaulin trailers are always a huge asset to any large business. A lateral-sliding tarpaulin, doors to the rear and a sliding roof. These semi-trailers are the perfect solution for handling a wide range of loading and unloading jobs.


Do you need a stable, durable semi-trailer that isn’t too heavy? Kögel Cargo is the best choice for you. This semi-trailer from the NOVUM generation impresses with generous standard equipment and extensive customization options.


Sometimes less is more – with the Kögel Light Plus, for example. This semi-trailer features a lower gooseneck height and a weight-optimized frame made from high-grade fine-grain steel to provide high stability and a long service life. The modular construction of the Kögel Light Plus means you can select from many of the Kögel Cargo equipment options.


Besides exceptional stability and a long service life with a low unladen weight, the Kögel Mega’s strength lies in the practical volume offered by the cargo space. Its internal height is always three metres and can be fully utilised across the entire width of the loading floor, right up to the roof.


The one that always fits. Thanks to its unique chassis, the Kögel FlexiUse can be easily combined with trucks with fifth-wheel couplings at different heights. The FlexiUse can also be adjusted to the height of the fifth-wheel coupling so as not to exceed the maximum permitted height. As a result, this trailer can handle even more transport tasks while saving time and money.


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