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Nooteboom Tele Trailer

Safely transport long loads to their destination.

The Nooteboom TELETRAILER can transport any  self-supporting long load. This extendable flatbed semi-trailer can be used extremely efficiently, keeping transport costs to a minimum. These trailers facilitate the transport of steel and concrete structures, wind turbine sections and wings.

The extendable flatbed semi-trailer

It features hydraulic turntable steering. This system’s very large steering angle makes the trailer exceptionally manoeuvrable. Additionally, the ballast trailer’s hydraulic steering minimizes maintenance costs and tyre wear.

Patented curved flatbed

These unique curved chassis beams make the loading floor entirely flat when retracted. This offers practical advantages for loading containers. When unloaded and extended, the chassis will be slightly convex (curved) to limit the deflection of the load surface when loaded. This concept also makes it easy to extend and retract the loading floor.

Various combination options

  • Two to seven axles
  • Trailing-steered or hydraulically steered
  • A payload capacity of up to 120 tons
  • Air suspension or hydropneumatic suspension
  • Fixed or single-/double-/triple-/quadruple-extendable trailer
  • Flatbed or with gooseneck


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Available in three different models:


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