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Custom-designed aluminium trailers for multipurpose transport.

GRANALU’s Bulk range is tailor-made for multipurpose transport of bulk cargo with medium and low density, such as the transport of cereals, beet, coal, fertilizer and more. You can adjust every trailer to your needs. Choose between a RIBS or G-AERO structure and a straight or gooseneck chassis. This includes volumes from 35 to 61 m³.


A new concept that will revolutionize the transport of bulk goods.

  • Greater Aerodynamics. Its curved design is custom-made to achieve greater aerodynamic results that reduce your emissions.
  • Maximum profitable load. A maximum internal width of 2460 mm makes your journeys more efficient.
  • Built for tough jobs with minimum weight.

Built for results.

  • Useful length: from 9m to 10,50m.
  • Volumes: from 35m3 to 61m³.
  • 100% Horizontal welded slats (automated welding).
  • Improved design and aerodynamics.
  • New lower profile.
  • Personalization options.
  • Smooth slat rear gate.


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