A perfect business partner for urban transport.

Durable, efficient, agile and versatile: the Eurocargo is the ideal truck for urban jobs and municipal applications. From urban deliveries to waste collection, road cleaning, road services and container applications. Its compact cab (2.1 m), large steering angle (52 degrees) and smallest turning circle in its category (just under 11 metres for the 2790 mm wheelbase version) make it the perfect partner for your business.

Unprecedented sustainability

CNG is the most environmentally friendly fuel on the market. The IVECO CNG engines’ emissions are renowned for their very low NOx levels and for reducing carbon pollution by 95% compared with diesel. The vehicle’s design and payload capacity are the same as in the diesel version. What’s more, this truck is extremely quiet: ideal for deliveries outside regular business hours.

More space, more comfort

Perfect for urban jobs.
Steering wheel controls, storage compartments, a clothing rail and comfortable seats. The straight dashboard and the minimal dimensions of the engine tunnel allow the driver to exit the cab on either side.


No need for regeneration. ​
The new Eurocargo is the only Euro VI in its class to use a single exhaust after-treatment system: the HI-SCR system with passive DPF (exclusive to IVECO). An innovative solution that will help to reduce fuel consumption, overheating and technical delays.

First-class efficiency

Achieve up to 8% less diesel consumption.
The latest generation of Tector 5 and 7 engines use low-viscosity engine oil that reduces friction, increases efficiency and extends service intervals.

Excellent performance

Improved flexibility and lower fuel consumption.
This new Eurocargo comes with two new four-cylinder 160 and 190 hp engines specifically designed for urban use. Its torque and power output have been optimized to suit operational conditions in urban areas.

More durable than ever

The natural solution for the environment.
IVECO is continuing to develop its range of alternative fuels with the New Eurocargo Natural Power CNG (compressed natural gas).

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