Your ideal gas-powered business partner.

The new IVECO Daily CNG (compressed natural gas) is the perfect solution for your business transport. You can easily comply with all environmental regulations and continue to make unlimited deliveries in urban areas. Fuelling your Daily CNG with bio-methane results in negligible carbon emissions to reduce your carbon footprint, while the powerful and responsive performance of the 3.0-litre CNG engine’s 136 hp and 350 Nm of torque gives your business a boost.

Daily HI-MATIC CNG: sustainable driving pleasure

Discover comfort and durability with the first natural gas-powered car in its class with an 8-speed automatic gearbox. Cut your fuel consumption with the combination of the HI-MATIC gearbox and the CNG engine.

The ideal natural gas-powered engine

This CNG engine has been specially optimized to operate in natural gas mode. When this natural gas tank is empty, it automatically switches to emergency petrol mode (with a range of up to 100 kilometres). But its versatility doesn’t stop there. The CNG also comes as a chassis cab, van, double-cab and semi-closed van.

Improved wheelbase length

The wheelbase length has increased from 3,520 to 4,100 millimetres, with a payload capacity of up to 19.6 m³, which is unique in this class. The chassis cabs also come with wheelbases between 3,450 and 4,750 mm and body lengths of up to 6,190 mm – also unique in this category.

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Discover the IVECO NEW DAILY CNG in this video.


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Natural gas: the fuel of the future.

While CNG engines are a perfect solution for tomorrow’s world, they already offer various economic and environmental solutions to today’s mobility issues.

  • They are sustainable. The natural gas-powered engine has the lowest environmental impact of all internal combustion engines owing to the total absence of sulphur, hydrocarbons and soot particles in the exhaust, as well as low carbon emissions.
  • They are silent. Around 5 dB quieter than similar diesel engines.
  • They are safe. The auto-ignition temperature is twice that of diesel and petrol engines. The tanks have been tested to withstand double the operating pressure, and in case of a leak, the gas will quickly disperse as it is much lighter than air.
  • They are easy to use anywhere. Natural gas-powered vehicles are permitted in underground car parks and ferries, as well as city centres with emission restrictions, thanks to their low emission levels. The entire CNG range has been granted Heavy Duty Euro 6 type approval.

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