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KÖGEL Closed-body semi-trailers

Let Kögel provide reliable protection for your cargo.

Clothing, electronics, hazardous goods or frozen foods? Whatever you’re transporting, with Kögel’s closed-body semi-trailers, your cargo will always be fully protected. You can choose from our Kögel Cool closed-body semi-trailers for fresh and frozen foods and the Kögel Box, our versatile closed-body semi-trailer for dry cargo.


This semi-trailer has a non-slip floor surface as well as excellent insulating (ATP FRC) and hygiene (HACCP) properties. The materials used guarantee a long service life and value retention while maintaining a modern appearance.


The Kögel Box is the perfect trailer for logistics companies that value versatility, high payload capacity and safe transport. Depending on the equipment, this dry-freight semi-trailer allows you to transport goods such as electronics, furniture, canned goods, clothing and much more – with or without temperature control. With its stable closed body, the Box semi-trailer reliably protects your freight from external factors and theft.

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